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This is an awesome ashtray with a built in poker. These are made in house in Reno, NV using recycled materials. Emptying your pipe with this ashtray will ensure it is ready for the next use.  This is not meant to hold or catch hot embers.  Works best for cleaning cold pipes.  For ashing hot burning embers try the glass version of the Debowler.


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  1. Low Price, cheap shipping, faster than Amazon

    I give this product and website 100% of my confidence. I was extremely surprised by how reasonably priced both the item and shipping were. I will recommend this product and website to everyone. I haven't been this satisfied by a website since PornHub started doing their free premium days. on 6th Mar 2017

  2. Great deal for smokers!

    A genius idea! Solves multiple problems. The color selection is amazing so you can coordinate all your smoking areas. Ordering was easy & shipping was fast. I will be getting more in the future- excellent gift idea as well! on 17th Feb 2016

  3. Essential stoner equipment

    I have one in every room. on 6th Jan 2016

  4. something I never knew I needed

    I'm pretty impressed with the debowler, the spike is durable and just the right size for the job it does. The purple is actually really nice shade, and I love how deep it is. on 9th Mar 2015

  5. i like it

    It is a real good idea but no place for joints and already broke my piece from banging it. I know it's my fault I broke it. It wasn't a expensive piece but all in all I like it on 5th Jun 2014

  6. useful little invention!

    my friend ordered one of these a long time ago, and everyone who's tried it, including myself, believes that the Debowler is a necessity for all daily tokers! I ordered a $5 one and have owned it for about a week and it really has made smoking so much less of a hassle. it's yellow too and looks cool as hell! maybe one day i'll upgrade to a glass one. on 6th Mar 2014